How to Use Secure Web Interview and Forms Transfer (Printable Instructions)


For Clients:

1. Use your browser to go to

2. Follow the instructions on the screen.

3. Click Submit when done.


The information is immediately ready for your attorney. You may wish to call your attorney to let him/her know data is waiting.


1. Most of the information must be entered as a monthly amount. That's where the "CalcMonthly" buttons can make your job easier.

2. Example: Suppose you are paid $100 per week in business income. Next to the place where you would enter Monthly Business Income, click the "CalcMonthly" button. A pop-up screen will appear where you can type 100 in the weekly box. When you click "Calculate and Transfer", the amount you typed will be converted to a monthly amount and placed in the appropriate place on the form.



1. Any information you type will be helpful. The information you type will be merged with existing information acquired during previous visits.

2. The data entry program only asks for information, and doesn't do calculations. The calculations are done on your attorney's machine.




Just Click Submit when done.


How Secure is SWIFT?


Information is ALWAYS stored in a password protected encrypted format on a protected website designed specifically to allow you and your client to safely exchange data. As a Legal+Plus customer, you have a secure private lock box on this encrypted web site. It is actually much safer to exchange data using SWIFT than email! Thatís because with SWIFT, information is ALWAYS encrypted. (Did you know the email youíve been sending all this time isnít encrypted?) Using SWIFT is a better way to exchange data.


More on Security: Did you know that when you access any website using a browser, the web page that is displayed is actually a COPY of the real websiteís web page. THIS COPY IS ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY PLACED INTO YOUR LOCAL COMPUTER. While entering data on that page, you are simply typing information on the screen of your very own computer. Nothing is "sent" to the internet until you click "submit." Because all forms are copied to the local computer, any keystrokes that your client makes while on the SWIFT form REMAINS ON THE LOCAL COMPUTER until the "Submit" button is pressed. Hereís where SWIFT comes in, as soon as you clicks "Submit", SWIFT immediately encrypts the information. With SWIFT your information is always private and encrypted. It really is more secure than email