Scenario Saver


To save a scenario, select "Save Client As" from the File Menu.


Scenario #1 is your original client facts. The Scenario Saver will default to "ADD NEW SCENARIO" when it opens.


Prepare for Additional Scenarios by ADDING A NEW SCENARIO before you change any case facts. When you click "Save Scenario", you will be prompted to add up to a 30 character description.



Once you have saved more than one Scenario, you can switch back and forth between them. Clients with more than one scenario show up on the Client Load dialog represented by a different graphic.image\bitmap44.gif and will have the number of scenarios in parentheses after the client name.


When you select a client file that has scenarios, the Load Scenario dialog will come up showing you the scenario list for that client. Notice that each scenario's date and time of creation, and the scenario comments that you saved show up next to each scenario file!


Highlight the desired Scenario from the list, and press ENTER or click Load Scenario. Your Scenario will load.




To delete a Scenario, first highlight the Scenario in the Load Scenario dialog window. Then click Delete Scenario. You will be prompted to confirm that you really want to delete the scenario. If you answer yes, your Scenario will be deleted.


Note: You cannot delete a client's main scenario from the Scenario list. If you wish to delete an entire client file, you must do from the main Client Load dialog. If you click Delete Client from this dialog, you will be prompted to confirm that you really want to delete the client folder and all scenarios, if any. You will be prompted twice to confirm client file deletion before your client files are sent to the Recycle Bin!