Deleting Text and Data Fields - Financial Declaration Only

When you are in the Financial Declaration form, you will notice the following two types of areas on the screen:


Text areas (the language of the financial declaration form developed by the State)

Data Fields (the shaded gray boxes that fill in with the client information you have entered)


Deleting is easy. Just block what you want and delete it. However, because SupportCalc/FD 2001 contains special data field areas, there are some additional issues you should be aware of contained below:


Text Only Deletion -

Works like standard Windows wordprocessors!


Deletion of Data in Data Fields -

SupportCalc/FD 2001 is designed for fast, easy data entry. By the time you reach the Financial Declaration form tab, you have probably already inputted much of the information you need to complete your client's financial declaration. But what if you find out the information you typed into a field is wrong and you need to change it?


SupportCalc/FD 2001 forms contain Active Fields! That means you don't have to go back to the data entry tabs to correct your information - you can make your corrections to the field right there from the Financial Declaration form!


To replace the entire entry in a field - Double click on the field to select the entire text of the field. When you begin typing, the new text you type will replace the old information in the field.

To correct a portion of the data in the field -

Either select the letters you wish to replace with your mouse and type over them; or

Place your cursor in the field and use your backspace key to delete the characters you wish to replace, and


Data Field Deletion -

If you select a block of text that also contains a data field and press the delete key, a dialog box will pop up on your screen advising you that you are about to delete both a data field and asking you if you really want to continue. There may be situations in which you want to do this. If you say yes, everything you have selected will go away from your form, including the data field! (Note: The data will not be deleted from your input forms.)

If you ever need to return to the original form from the State that contains all of the text and the data fields, simply go to the form tab and then select Revert from the File menu.