There's a Reason 1,200 Law Firms Use SupportCalc

SupportCalc is QUICKER and more ACCURATE than calculating child support and creating child support worksheets manually.


SupportCalc SAVES YOU TIME -- SupportCalc also allows you access to Windows Clipboard - cut or copy and paste text between Windows word processing programs and the "Other Factors" section. You can also cut or copy and paste text from the program's own Law Online into the "Other Factors" section.


INSTANT TAX CALCULATIONS -- Instant menu-driven Income Tax and FICA calculations on-screen, revised for 1999. Use IRS Publication Circular E for accurate withholding calculations, or use a more complete tax analysis using TaxCALCTM. You indicate Filing Status, (Single, Joint, Married filing Single, Head of Household), Standard or Itemized Deductions, Credits and Adjustments claimed. Special printout available for attachment to Schedule.

But Wait, There's More....


          Allows you to calculate child support based on support being paid for children from other relationships based on the Blended Family Report and/or the Whole Family Method.

          Allows you to advocate better for your client in cases involving proposed deviations. The Administrative Office of the Courts has drafted new deviation standards. You can easily view these NEW standards on the screen and then block/copy language from these standards right into your "Other Factors" section.

          Allows you to import or export text to and from WordPerfect word processing documents and other word processing systems while in the "Other Factors" section. The "Other Factors" section comes with a spellchecker to make sure you don't inadvertently misspell even a single word!

          One click access to instructions and reference. Context-sensitive reference to the law is always just one click away!

          Screens are understandable and very "user friendly".

          Instant menu-driven conversions to monthly amounts, including hourly wages and Overtime. (SKRATCHPADTM feature.)

          Context-sensitive HELP, by pressing the F1 key, means you always know exactly what you are doing -- from data entry to printing. The F-key options are conveniently displayed at the bottom of each screen.

          Automatic Table Comparisons and Warnings: When incomes exceed $5,000, SupportCalc points out the minimum and advisory amounts. If income is over $7,000, it compares minimum, maximum, and gives a projected support amount based on an extrapolation of the curve of the legislative economic table. Allows you to choose the amount of support, staying within the requirements of the new ceiling, and immediately displays the consequences of your choice by instantly recalculating the transfer payment amount. Flags cases where 45% maximum support amount, poverty level, and incomes under $600 ($25 per child support amount) Standards apply.

          Even though only a Reason for Deviation, an easy-to-use section of the program converts a Residential Schedule to Overnight Credits using the old Residential Schedule formula OR allows entry of costs vs. expenses scheme to comply with the new statutory requirement. In addition, you can calculate child support based on support being paid for children from other relationships using the Blended Family Report and/or Whole Family Method. SupportCalc automatically produces attachments for argument before the court.

          Built in Word Processing for the Part 22 text is available. Automatically creates additional pages for attachment to the Worksheets. You can even move sections of the Standards directly to the Word Processor!! Saves as part of the client's file. Spell Checker built-in.

          Single screen case Synopsis for instant analysis of the "bottom line;" easily prints out.

          Advanced Printer Control with special driver for laser printers. If you have an HP or compatible printer, you will produce worksheets exactly like the state-issued form.

          Comprehensive reference manual with tutorial.

          FREE telephone support. (Mon-Fri, 9-5) Toll-free number service outside Seattle area.

          Supported by an organization dedicated to the product and the future.

          In use by over 800 law firms (over 1200 attorney users), Office of Support Enforcement, most Superior Courts, the Attorney General's Office, Administrative Law Judges, Appeals Judges, many non-profit organizations, all 3 Law Schools in the State of Washington.