What is a "Client Interview Diskette?"

A Client Interview Diskette helps you gather key data from your client. The Client Interview Diskette replaces hand-written methods for gathering client data.


SupportCalc will take any blank diskette you have lying around and put a self-contained program on that diskette that asks your client for key case data. All your client needs is a computer and the Client Interview Diskette. Your client can enter data at home or at the office. Itís portable and reusable. SupportCalc will quickly prepare this diskette for you with the click of a mouse.


After your client enters data on the diskette, you can automatically import this data into SupportCalc. Give it a try.


How to Prepare a Client Interview Diskette


Click "Interview" on the menu and select "On Diskette." Just follow the instructions on the screen. SupportCalc will quickly create the Client Interview Form. After the diskette is ready, give the diskette to your client.



1. Place the diskette into any computer that has Windows 95 or greater.

2. Click "Start" (On the lower left corner of your computer screen).

3. Click "Run" (On the Menu that pops up).

4. Type A:GO.EXE (Where the cursor is blinking).

(Click here for a complete set of printable instructions for your client)



When your client brings the diskette back, put the diskette in your diskette drive and use the "Retrieve Interview" function to retrieve the data.


This Client Diskette has been designed to help you collect basic information that you need to calculate child support. The diskette contains an easy input form.


Other options for gathering data from clients