How Do I Select a Table Lookup Method for my Client?

On the synopsis screen, simply select a table lookup method as desired. NOTE: SupportCalc will not allow you to select certain lookup methods based upon your case facts. You cannot select "extrapolated" when incomes are below $7000, for example. If you do change the Table Lookup Method, This Table Lookup Method will remain in effect for the client until you change it or case facts require a different lookup method.


Example: In your case, combined net income is $7500. You select "Extrapolated" as the Table Lookup Method. Later you change income so that combined net income is $6,700. You will see that SupportCalc will change the calculation method to "advisory" because extrapolated doesn’t apply when incomes are less than $7,000. If combined net income is changed back above $7000, "extrapolated" will once again be used. SupportCalc remembers your selected Table Lookup Method and applies is to your case if case facts permit.


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