The Most Widely Used Child Support Calculation
Software for the West Virgina Family Law Practicioner

SupportCalc® WV calculates child support, and produces all the forms and worksheets needed for any support case in West Virginia.
  • The software chosen by DHHR and the courts.
  • Chosen by more family law offices than any other software.
  • Undisputed leader in support calculations for over 18 years.

  • $19.99 per month subscription includes all the software PLUS:

  • FREE Updates during subscription period. (You will always have the most current software delivered via Quick Internet Update)
  • FREE Technical Support.
  • FREE SWIFT -- Secure Online client questionaire that imports directly into FamilySoft™.
  • 30 day money back gurantee.
  • Significant discount for multiple licenses.

Thousands of users have helped to make FamilySoft/SupportCalc® easy to learn and use. The newest users can immediately become productive, while long-time users have incredible detail and control of even the most complicated details.
  • Clean, uncluttered screens.
  • Case walk through.
  • Easily find special features needed for the most complicated cases.
  • Special messages display when special situations may apply.

After 14 years of use by family law specialists, every detail of the law has been implemented in FamilySoft/SupportCalc® including:
  • All Apsects of Child Support
  • Basic Shared and Extended Shared Custody
  • IRS Excess FICA Tax Calculations (1040ES)
  • Medical Expenses Worksheet
  • High Income Child Support
  • Case Documentation
  • Conversion to monthly amounts
  • Online Client Questionnaire
  • Context sensitive W. VA Code 48-13-403
  • Net Business Income
Many more powerful features ... Order Today!
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