I. Accessing FormPAK.


Double Click the FamilySoftTM icon on your Desktop. When the Title Screen comes up, click on Begin New Case.



The Title Screen



After clicking on Begin New Case button, you will then give your case a name, as below:




The name you give your case important, as it will be difficult to change it later. FamilySoft will create a folder using the name you supply. The name will also appear on the directory of names when you look up this case in the future.

The folder created by FamilySoft will become a "branch" of the "BASIC PATH." The BASIC PATH is usually the Drive + Folder where the program files are found for FamilySoft, i.e. C:\Program Files\Legalplus. This is the default BASIC PATH. You can, however, change your BASIC PATH to any other drive and path on your computer’s hard drive (or network drive if you have a network version of the program). If you wish to save to another BASIC PATH, press the Basic path button before naming your client. A window will open, allowing you to change your BASIC PATH designation. You can also change the BASIC PATH from the View Client List window.



HOW TO BEGIN A NEW CASE II. Entering Client Information


FamilySoft offers several ways to assist you in gathering client information. The next chapter will explain in detail how to use S.W.I.F.T and the internet or a diskette to allow your client to enter much of the information about themselves, saving you and your staff the time and hassle of doing the data entry. In this chapter we will assume that you will enter your client’s information manually into the Master Client Information list. To enter client information manually, click the bottom choice "Begin Case without Emailing Client," as shown below…




Choosing Begin Case without Emailing Client



After clicking on the choice "Begin Case without Emailing Client" button above, you will be returned to the title screen. Note that your client name, in the form of the client path, appears at the top of the screen:




Client Path appears at the top of the screen


Note the buttons along the left side of the screen. You can begin inputting client information by pressing the appropriate tab for the form you immediately require. It does not matter where you choose to start, as you will only have to type information once. Information will share with all forms within FamilySoft. We will choose to press the FormPAK button, as circled below:




The FormPAK Master Client Information Form contains the most comprehensive list of client information, and is, therefore, the best place to begin entering client information.



The Master Client Information List


The MASTER INFORMATION LIST employs principles of artificial intelligence, which will allow you to set up "relationships" between the parties that will save you many keystrokes later. For example, if you have listed the wife's address, then designate that a child lives with the wife, the wife's address will then automatically appear on the forms in the proper places as the child's address.


The screens are self-explanatory…


The last tab, Attorneys, allows you to add attorneys to your custom list. You can see the accumulating list by pressing the Address List button. The attorneys are automatically added to the list each time you enter a new one’s information. You can delete or edit the information about each attorney. You can also highlight a previously added attorney’s information, and transfer it into the Master Client Information List for another client in the future, should you have that attorney again as opposing counsel.


The Attorneys Tab in the Master Client Information List



Be sure to set up an attorney address listing for yourself and the other attorneys in your office. After doing so, you will not have to enter your information again for another case in the future.