What is Secure Web Interview and Form Transfer (SWIFT)?

SWIFT is a convenient way to use the internet to exchange information with your clients. At the heart of SWIFT is a form on an encrypted web site that contains a form your client can fill out. See . After your client completes the form, you can merge the data directly into SupportCalc and the Financial Declaration. Legal+Plus software has a built–in function to take the information from the encrypted website, ask you for a password, and then merge the data your client entered directly into your forms. It is secure, easy, and built right into Legal+Plus software, so it is just a single click away. All your client needs is a browser. All you need is Legal+Plus software. In one word, it is SWIFT!


How Secure is SWIFT?


Information is ALWAYS stored in a password protected encrypted format on a protected website designed specifically to allow you and your client to safely exchange data. As a Legal+Plus customer, you have a secure private lock box on this encrypted web site. It is actually much safer to exchange data using SWIFT than to email your client! That’s because with SWIFT, your client’s information is ALWAYS encrypted. (Did you know the email you’ve been sending to your client all this time isn’t encrypted?) Using SWIFT is a better way to get data from your client.


More on Security: Did you know that when your client accesses any website using a browser, the web page that is displayed is actually a COPY of the real website’s web page. THIS COPY IS ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY PLACED INTO THE LOCAL COMPUTER. While entering data on that page, your client is simply typing information on the screen of the client’s very own computer. Nothing is "sent" to the Internet until your client clicks "submit." Here’s a restatement: Because all forms are copied to the local computer, any keystrokes that your client makes while on the SWIFT form REMAINS ON THE LOCAL COMPUTER until the "Submit" button is pressed. Here’s where SWIFT comes in - as soon as your client clicks "Submit", SWIFT immediately encrypts the information. With SWIFT, your information is always private and encrypted. It really is more secure than email


Benefits of SWIFT


More Secure than email. SWIFT password protects and encrypts client data. This is 100% more secure than communicating with your client using email. If you are happy with the convenience of email to communicate with your clients, you’ll be happy and safe with SWIFT.


Better accuracy. Your client knows his/her information better than you do. Don’t guess the spelling of children’s names or struggle with difficult street names. Information is more accurate when your client enters this information.


Serve your client better. Information gathering with your client can occur at your client’s convenience without waiting for an appointment with you or with your staff. SWIFT makes it appear that your law office is always available to your client day or night.


Look Smarter. Once the information is entered by your client, you can review it even before your first client meeting. The more information you have, the better attorney you can be for your client.


Easy to Use. Accessing SWIFT data is automatic. Just click Interview on the menu, and the software will walk you through retrieving your client’s data from your private lock box on the encrypted web site. The information is automatically merged with your client’s data.


For instructions on how to get started, click hereSecure_Web_Interview_and_Forms_Transfer_SWIFT_Quickstart

Other options for gathering data from clients

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