Using the TimeCalc


What is TimeCalc?


TimeCalc is a feature that automatically keeps track of the time when a client is active in the program. TimeCalc tracks the time you loaded the client file, and it tracks when that client became inactive either by exiting the program, loading another client, or beginning a new case.


How Do I access TimeCalc?


Click Tools/TimeCalc.


Can I select various clients and time periods for a TimeCalc report?


YES. TimeCalc allows you to view, edit, and print information for a particular client, or for all clients. TimeCalc reports also allow you to select for a particular time period such as a report of clients for a month, or week, or other period of time. After entering these parameters, you will view a screen which displays the selected client or clients according to the time period you selected.


Editing and Saving TimeCalc information.


Anytime you are viewing a TimeCalc report you can both edit and then save that report for further reference. Buttons at the top of the TimeCalc report give you options for loading and saving reports. NOTE: When you edit and save a TimeCalc report, you are saving a copy of the data, you are not changing the actual TimeCalc information.