Mission and Purpose of FamilySoft

The Mission and Policy of FamilySoft Software


FamilySoft has two components. The first component is a highly developed "engine " designed to accomplish to task of organizing, calculating, editing, and printing out the paperwork needed for your domestic relations cases. This engine has been painstakingly developed over many years, specifically for the task it is designed to do. It does the tasks of both a word processor and a database, allowing information to be entered only one time, then distributed wherever needed throughout the program.


The second component of FamilySoft is information meticulously gathered together from all the laws in Washington state pertinent to the Washington Child Support Guidelines, and the Mandatory Domestic Relations Forms, as well as a thorough understanding of IRS tables and deductions. This information consists of the templates developed by the Pattern Forms Committee, an understanding of the court rules concerning the numerous formatting rules, the formulas, tables and calculations of the Child Support Schedule, and Financial Declaration, and the tax tables and calculations from the IRS needed to obtain net income.


FamilySoftís purpose is to continuously comply with requirements of the Washington Child Support Guidelines, and the Mandatory Domestic Relations Forms. The product is sold as two parts. 1) FamilySoft SupportCalc produces the Child Support Guidelines, the Financial Declaration, Law Enforcement Form, and the Confidential Information Form. 2) FamilySoft Combination adds FormPAK to produce the various categories of the Mandatory Domestic Relations Forms. It is possible to purchase a license for FamilySoft SupportCalc without getting FormPAK. FormPAK, however, requires the purchase of FamilySoft SupportCalc to operate.


As with most software on the market, the intellectual property rights ownership remain with the company owning the software. That company is Legal+Plus Software Group, Inc., a Washington state corporation. The product is licensed by Legal+Plus to users. The license is dependent on the purchaser of the license complying with an agreement for use of the software, and is revocable. The Licensing Agreement is written in its entirety on the envelope containing the software when it is delivered to the user (the "Shrink-Wrap Agreement.)


FamilySoftís "engine," it is constantly evolving, based on the stateís requirements and feedback from customers. Changes to the engine are generally provided free to current users of FamilySoft, and are issued as Maintenance Upgrades/ Patches. The preferred method of delivery of these Maintenance Upgrades/Patches is the Quick Internet Update feature of the program. Since Maintenance Upgrades/Patches are issued frequently, connect to the internet is highly recommended to successfully maintain the FamilySoft engine, and to receive free Maintenance Upgrades/Patches. If an internet connection is not available, and a Maintenance Upgrades/ Patches is available, Legal+Plus will provide a CD with the Maintenance Upgrades/Patches, upon request. A fee will be charged for delivery of the Maintenance Upgrades/Patches CD.


Occasionally, Legal+Plus will offer additional features to the engine that are beyond those required by the laws. Upgrades are not mandatory, but add valuable features to the program. A fee is generally charged for Upgrades.


FamilySoftís Information component is constantly changing. Legal+Plus is committed to keeping the software in compliance with all new law changes. Since the stated purpose of FamilySoft is to produce the Washington Child Support Guidelines and the Mandatory Domestic Relations Forms, it necessarily implies that when changes occur to either of these legislative mandates, Legal+Plus will take it upon themselves to change the information contained in FamilySoft to comply with all new law requirements. Legal+Plus will analyze the law changes and issue an Update to make the software current. Generally, Legal+Plus charges a fee for Updates. Updates are issued by response to an offer sent out by Legal+Plus. After receiving payment, Legal+Plus sends out a CD containing the Updates plus any changes to the engine necessary for compliance with the new law(s).


Legal+Plus expects that its attorney-customers will buy Updates when they are issued. FamilySoft can become non-compliant with Washington State law if Updates are not obtained by the customer. Legal+Plus cannot guarantee that FamilySoft is complying with state law if updates are skipped. A customer is considered to be "current" when they have purchased the latest Update issued by Legal+Plus. If a customer skips more than two sequential updates, however, Legal+Plus considers such a customer as "non-current." Legal+Plus requests that a non-current customer stop using the product. To continue to use the product with outdated forms and calculations is potentially malpractice.


A non-current customer generally loses their right to technical support and Maintenance Upgrades/Patches. Due to the many potential variations of non-current software, Maintenance Upgrades/Patches for outdated versions of FamilySoft may not be available to non-current customer through the Quick Internet Update feature or a Maintenance Upgrades/Patch CD.


When a non-current customer contacts Legal+Plus to become current, Legal+Plus will analyze the customerís situation, how long and how many updates have been skipped, and price a custom update accordingly to bring the customer into full compliance with current law and version number of FamilySoft.


Legal+Plus requires each computer on which FamilySoft is installed to be separately licensed. Networks require special consideration. In a network environment, each computer on which FamilySoft is available requires a separate license. In addition, when a computer network is involved, a special Network Version of FamilySoft is required to be licensed. The Network Version of FamilySoft has been specially written to accommodate the special needs of Networks. After a network license has been purchased, technical support for the special needs of networks is free, as long as the questions asked concern the installation and running of FamilySoft.


FamilySoft is copy-protected. A "key disk" or code is required for installation. We hope that the copy protection will not hassle our customers in any way. The only intent is to insure that all users of this highly specialized software paid their fair share for the existence of the product. We have many tools available to assist you in obtaining a legitimate code when needed, including the internet. If FamilySoft is moved to another computer, another key disk or code will be required to activate the software on the new computer. No fee is required when FamilySoft is moved to another computer, provided Legal+Plus is adequately satisfied that FamilySoft on the old computer has been deleted or disabled. Contact Legal+Plus technical support when moving FamilySoft.


If you have any further questions concerning the mission and policy of FamilySoft, please contact us. We are always interested in your comments, criticisms and concerns