Imputed Income

If a parent is unemployed, underemployed or the income of a parent is unknown, refer to "INCOME STANDARD #6: Imputation of income".


In the absence of information to the contrary, a parent's imputed income shall be based on the following table.


Approximate Median Net Income Monthly Income



$1363 15-24 $1222

$2154 25-34 $1807

$2610 35-44 $1957

$2846 45-54 $2051

$2880 55-64 $1904

$2828 65+ $1940



U.S. Bureau of the Census, Money Income in the United States: 1998, Current Population Reports, Median Income of People by Selected Characteristics: 1998, Full-Time, Year-Round Workers, Table 7.


[Net income has been determined by subtracting FICA (7.65 percent) and the tax liability for a single person (one withholding allowance).]