Children From Other Relationships

The court may deviate from the standard calculation when either or both of the parents before the court have children from other relationships to whom the parent owes a duty of support.


i. The child support schedule shall be applied to the mother, father and children of the family before the court to determine the presumptive amount of support.


ii. Children from other relationships shall not be counted in the number of children for purposes of determining the basic support obligation and the standard calculation.


iii. When considering a deviation from the standard calculation for children from other relationships, the court may consider only other children to whom the parent owes a duty of support. The court may consider court-ordered payments of child support for children from other relationships only to the extent that the support is actually paid.


iv. When the court has determined that either or both parents have children from other relationships, deviations under this section shall be based on consideration of the total circumstances of both households. All child support obligations paid, received and owed for all children shall be disclosed and considered.