Conversion of SupportCalc DOS Files

The first time you run your SupportCalcTM Windows program, the program will ask you if you want to search your system for prior version SupportCalcTM files. If you answer yes, the program will search all of your drives for SupportCalcTM files. Once SupportCalcTM 2001 finds the directory containing your prior version SupportCalcTM, you will be asked whether you wish to convert your old files. If you choose yes, SupportCalcTM 2001 will convert your old files for use with SupportCalcTM 2001 Windows Edition.


(Note: The dialog box which asks you whether or not you want to convert your files will also ask you whether or not you wish to make a back-up copy of your old SupportCalcTM DOS files. The default answer is "Yes". Keeping a copy of your SupportCalcTM DOS files will allow you to pull up those case